Adrenaline Pumping, Potjiekos Competition

Cape Town, South Africa is rated as one of the most beautiful cities in the world mainly due to its impressive natural environment. Nestled between mountains and oceans at the southern tip of Africa, it is inspiration to some of the world’s most unique and popular adventure activities.




Cape Town Corporate Groups Incentives

This fun and interactive day begins with a briefing of the excitement to come..

Everyone believes they can make the best potjie! So put this to the test. Group splits into two teams of 7 and begin the brainstorm with aid of the belly. Team’s need to decide the potjie they are hoping to WOW the day with. Tokens are given and ingredient auctioning begins. Don’t fear if you missed an essential ingredient or two because of the fierce highest bidder, a little charm and barter goes a long way.

With a new inspiration for cooking, group 1 goes off for the first hour of quad biking, leaving group 2 to conspire the perfect potjie. Thereafter groups switch. By far the most exciting thing on 4 wheels, Quad Biking or ATV’s is a rush like no other. After showing you how to operate the bike (most are automatic so its a breeze), our guides will take you on an exhillirating quad bike ride though the many tracks, quad biking trails and specialised 4×4 courses available.

Teams attend final preps to potjies and set up for presentation before heading out in a final battle on the paintball field…

Sneaking through the bush. All’s quiet, where is everyone? A twig snaps to your right. You sink slowly to the ground scanning the bush. Nothing but your heart beating, sweat trickling down your spine, eyes and ears straining to pinpoint movement or sound. Bang, zzzzziip. A paintball whips past your shoulder. Dive, roll onto your knees, another paintball splatters against the tree next to your head. Duck!! Laughter to your left. Spin, movement, shoot. Splat!! “Ouch” and your opponent is out of the game. Relief and adrenalin pump through your body as you realise that you have survived your first contact in an Action Paintball Game.

We come together around the lunch table for some potjie rating and combat swopping stories while we fill the bellies with good food, memories and laughter!


  • Teambuild facilitators
  • Quad biking
  • Paintball
  • Potjiekos ingredients
  • Light snacks
  • Refreshment

What’s excluded:

  • All items of a personal nature, tips
  • All alcoholic beverages

What to bring: Sun block, sun hat,  comfortable closed shoes, older clothes for paintball-we suggest long sleeve tops and pants, gloves if you have. Paint is non toxic and water based so will wash out, extra refreshments.

Price On Request
Adrenaline Cape Town Fun Paintball Potjie Quading Team Building Teamwork
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