Conventional Team building Activities

We can incorporate any conventional outcome based team-building activity into your team-building event or plan the entire event around these activities, the choice is yours. . .

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Outcome Based Team-building Games:

These are just a few examples of the games we can offer, these games are suitable for groups of all sizes and can be Incorporated and customized to suite your specific wants & needs.


Activity: Team thumb o war
Objective: To mix up the people in the group, for the people to share about themselves
with other, and for people to get to know more about one another.
Description: Each team will have questions about their opposing teams and they will play a game of
thumb o war, and the player who wins a round gets to ask the person who loses a question.

Activity: Group “Newlywed” Game
Objective: To learn more about individuals and to generate interaction among group members.
Description: This game is similar in format to the old ”Newlywed” game that used to be on T.V.
Team mates will be separated with a series of questions they will need to answer about each other.

Activity: Group Top 10 List
Objective: To promote group interaction and to make groups feel more comfortable with one another.
Description: Each group must create a “top 10” list of things that go with the category they are given,
with a time limit.


Activity: Shuffle your buns
Objective: To Play a fun game in which everyone is included.
Description: Very similar to musical chairs, the chairs will be placed in a circle and one member will be standing on the middle, members will move left and right and when the middle person shouts it…you need to sit! And if he happens to sit on a chair, then you are IT!

Activity: Give the hat a whack
Objective: To help group members become more comfortable with one another in a fun and physical game.
Description: All members get given a hat and a rolled up sheet of newspaper, the objective is to throw all the members hats off and the last person with a hat on wins.

Activity: Ground Volleyball
Objective:  To help group members become more comfortable with one another.
Description: A normal game of volley ball but it is done seated, so the net will be very low and you are able to use your hands and feet.


Activity: Lego Instructions
Objective: For team members to work together while giving and following complex directions.
Description: Teams will be given Lego blocks, pens and paper. They will build a structure and draw the plans for their structure; the drawing plans will be passed to other team where they will need to duplicate the other team’s structure.

Activity: Message Shred
Objective: Work together as a group to accomplish a goal.
Description: Each group will write something about the other group on a piece of paper, the paper will then be shredded and the opposite team will have tape and need to put the message together.

Activity: Bridge Of Life
Objective: For team members to work cooperatively in decision-making and planning.
Description: The challenge is for each team member to get one member from one side of the area to the other without touching the ground or being carried.


Activity: Make a Recipe
Objective:  For Group Members to Share their thoughts on what makes a team work.
Description: Each member gets a chance to write their own recipe for success and share it with the group.

Activity: The Big Flower
Objective:  For group members to think of and share positive attributes of the group as
a whole and for each person to share his/her individual contributions to the group.
Description: Making a large flower out of paper, the centre of the flower will be what the group members have in common, and each person will add their own petals about something unique about themselves.

Activity: Life Map
Objective: For individuals to share with the group their goals and expectations in
a nonthreatening manner.
Description: Each member will draw up a life map with their future goals, future plans etc. and share with the group.

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