Shark Cage Diving

A personal, face-to-face encounter with this awesome animal, is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going! Dive with the Sharks in Gaansbaai. Self-drive or with return transport Cape Town.

Essential info:

Length: 8 hours (approx - full day)
Start & End Point: Gansbaai (transport available at additional cost)
Departs: Everyday (Weather Dependant)


Approximately 12km offshore from Gansbaai (2hrs drive from Cape Town) we find two islands situated next to each other. Due to a number of geographical reasons ‐ one being the shallow and narrow channel that runs between these two islands ‐ Dyer Island has become known as one of only two unique areas in the world, where the chances to view the great white shark, rises exceptionally high. A colony of approximately 40000 Cape Fur Seals inhabits the smaller Island (Geyser Rock). Other wildlife species such as Cape Gannets, Cape Cormorants, African Penguins, whales and dolphins are also likely to be sighted.

Once anchored in the channel, we make use of a securely designed 5‐man steel cage, which floats on the surface, with divers no more than 1m below the surface. A scuba certification is not a necessity in order to dive in the cage, as we make use of snorkeling equipment 100% of the time, where the dive takes place just beneath the water surface. This makes it possible for even the inexperienced diver to enjoy a cage dive.

White sharks are indeed surface feeders, providing brilliant surface viewing from the safety of the shark‐viewing deck of the boat. The shark handlers are trained to bring the sharks close‐up against the side of the boat, with the head and the jaws clearly visible.

A White Shark Cage Diving Operators Permit (issued by government) is in possession, enabling us to work within the Dyer Island nature reserve area (copy of permit available upon request). Only longstanding operators who are in compliance with certain safety regulations and code of conduct, are entitled to this permit. All the facilities are closely inspected by authorities on an annual basis, ensuring maximum safety for all guests.

We have just acquired one of the largest, most modern and luxurious boats available in the shark diving industry. Megalodon II is a newly built stable catamaran, measuring 11 x 3.8 meters and therefore offering the ultimate stability at sea. Although she is licensed to carry a maximum of 30 passengers, we do not take more than 25 clients per tour. This not only ensures maximum comfort, but also ensures maximum cage diving time for all divers. The boat offers state‐of‐the‐art facilities which includes; sophisticated and securely structured 6‐man steel cage, spacious cabin, large upper shark‐viewing deck, sunbathing area, private lockable toilet, fresh water showers, private restroom with bed, fresh drinking water, wet deck and separate dry‐deck for maximum comfort. She is fully licensed to SA safety standards and is equipped with 2 radio's, radar equipment, navigation equipment, depth finder, echo sounder, medical first aid kit (including oxygen and fluid replacement), current safety equipment, life vests for all passengers and a 50‐man life raft. The boat, cage and life raft are inspected on an annual basis, ensuring maximum safety for all passengers.

Luxurious return transfers from Cape Town in air-conditioned buses. There is ample General Public Liability cover in place as well as Passenger Liability on both the busses. Valid Road Carrier Permits are held on both the busses, and the drivers are not only Public Drivers Permit holders, but also have adequate Personal Accident insurance in place.

Each crew member is highly qualified in his/her specific field and together have more than 12 years experience with the white sharks. Crew qualifications consist of; A1 (1) commercially licensed skippers, level 3 Medics; Satour Registered specialised tour guides; Dive Masters and qualified shark handlers. The skippers are licensed with ICASA (Independent Commission Authority of SA as well as SAMSA (SA Maritime and Safety Authority. A step‐by‐step emergency flow chart is available inside the cabin of the vessel.

Capture this once‐in‐a‐lifetime personal experience on film and take it home to show to your friends and family. The services of a professional underwater videographer is offered who is highly experienced in this field. Your personal experience will be captured on a high quality video / DVD (above and underwater) and a copy will be made available to you after the tour at a minimal cost. At the coffee shop, we offer various gifts for sale, which includes; underwater disposable camera’s, T‐Shirts, warm jackets, caps, beanies, etc. Please ask your tour guide on the day of the tour.

Tour Rate:

  • R2 000.00 per person (Budget - Excluding transfers)
  • R2 700.00 per person (Premier - Including transfers)


  • Luxurious return transfers from Cape Town (Air‐conditioned, Mercedes Sprinter Bus) - Premier tour only;
  • Hot tea / coffee and light breakfast upon arrival at Gansbaai office;
  • A hot light lunch is served upon return (chicken lasagne, rolls and greek salad);
  • A fast, yet safe 20 minute boat ride to Dyer Island;
  • Snacks, drinks and sweets on‐board the boat;
  • Educational information and safety briefing;
  • Diving equipment and wet‐suits available at no additional cost;
  • Assisted snorkelling in cage for inexperienced divers;
  • Spectacular surface viewing for non divers (shark activity allowing);
  • View Cape Fur Seals from the boat (conditions allowing);
  • Drop‐off at Cape Town International Airport at no additional cost. (Upon request).
  • Various gifts and memorabilia for sale.
  • Purchase a DVD of your own personal shark diving experience, after the tour.


  • Towel
  • Sea‐sick tablets
  • Video of the day

Approximate Itinerary:

  • Door‐to‐door collection from the Cape Town metropolitan area (Premier tour only).
  • Arrival at the Gansbaai office, where a light breakfast, coffee/tea will be available while the safety briefing and other formalities are concluded.
  • The boat launches from Kleinbaai harbour 20 min later, we anchor in or nearby “Shark Alley”.
  • Return to Kleinbaai harbour.
  • A light hot lunch is enjoyed while viewing the video of the day. A copy of your own personal experience is Available on DVD after the tour.

Please note: Due to tides and collection schedules, we can only confirm exact collection (premier tour) & meeting times (budget tour) at 16h00 the day prior to your tour.

Best season to go:

The tours run each and every day of the year, as Dyer Island is a good place to see the sharks all year round. The absolute best season is probably in the winter months, when sharks are particularly active in their feeding pattern. The following guide‐line is based on tours we have done over the past 13 years and months may overlap slightly.

PEAK SEASON: APRIL to OCTOBER (99% success rate)

HIGHT SEASON: NOV. and DEC. (90 – 99% success rate)

INTERMEDIATE SEASON:: JAN to MARCH: (80 – 90% success rate)

Water temperatures vary between 16 and 20 degrees celsius during the high season, and between 10 and 16 degrees celsius during the intermediate and low seasons.

What to bring:

Towel, warm weather proof clothing, sunscreen and hat, camera and binoculars and sea‐sick tablets

Terms & Conditions:

  • Standard cancellation policies apply as per the Terms & Conditions sent to you. You may also find this at
  • Thorough weather checks are done prior to any trip. Should inclement weather prevent us from proceeding with the trip on any particular day, the clients would be informed and an alternative date would be negotiated or a refund would be given.
  • Transport costs are completely separate to the shark diving tour. Therefore, should clients and Shark Diving team find themselves in Gansbaai already (based upon a good weather prediction) and sudden strong winds pick up, preventing the boat from being put to sea and to ensure the safety of our passengers, transport costs (irrespective of road or air) would be payable in full.
  • Should strong winds pick up whilst out at sea and return to shore is required for the safety of passengers and crew, a refund will not be applicable.
  • Due to variable weather conditions and shark activity, diving may not always be possible and is therefore not guaranteed. We are dealing with wild animals and sightings are not guaranteed. Refunds will therefore not be considered in the event of non‐sightings, however, a second shark dive will be offered / voucher to use for your next trip.
  • We reserve the right to run more than one tour per day, each consisting of approximately 3 hours at sea.
  • Time related itinerary and collection times are dependent on tides, weather conditions and the amount of tours we have scheduled. Exact collection times are therefore only available after 16h00 the day prior to the tour, and may vary between 04h30 and 11h30.
  • Any photographs and / or video footage taken on this tour may under no circumstances be sold or given to any broadcasting / media agencies for their use, without clear and written consent from the owners, failing which may result in legal action.
  • The videography service we offer is that of a totally independent company and is not in any way connected or related to the company. We are therefore not liable for any loss, damage, late or non‐receipt of DVD’s, ordered or purchased from this company.